How to Make Gold in WOW 5.4

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Hey guys i hope you like this tutorial on how to make gold please like, comment and subscribe for more :D.

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BazernWOW says:

np dude, the time it takes is not to long, 1 kit usually takes me less than
20min to make so its really fast and easy! Since you found this useful id
appreciate a sub and a like :P :D

BazernWOW says:

Umm, i usually go with alchemy but you can pretty much do every profession
in the game, even first aid :P

TheSuperIndo says:

How to you trade the items to the buyer? Just multiple trades? And if so
when do you collect the gold from them? the first trade or the last trade a
little bit after each trade?

BazernWOW says:

Nice man, you should sub as a return :D

BazernWOW says:

um, i think i mentioned it in the video but what i do is i store it in my
Guild bank and tell them to deposit gold, when they do, let them take the
stuff out, A like and a sub would be greatly appreciated as much time and
thought went into the video :D

kraks11 says:

Nice and legit guide, but I wont call the players stupid really, since it’s
time consuming to go read the shop list and search the auction house, store
all the mats, etc. You’ve already done that, and I wouldn’t mind paying a
2-3k more and have everything done for me mostly. It would be retarded for
people who are struggling with gold to buy it, but for players who are
loaded, this is perfect, and those might be your prim customers. Cheers :)
Thanks for the guide.

Tyler Schmidt says:

I have made a total of 40k gold this past month! Thanks man :D

Trefort90 says:

Good video but I just donĀ“t know what kind of material I should choose? For
example alchemy: There are so many herbs needed. Should I buy everything on
the list? Thanks

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